Fantasy baseball over fantasy football? Here’s my argument…

Gotta love fantasy baseball season.

Common opinion, at least within my circle, is that the MLB season is not as exciting as the NFL or the NBA seasons due to the 162-game schedule allowing for teams to play just about every day, which causes each individual game to be less meaningful. This, along with the task of keeping up with a fantasy team where the players play so frequently, leads to less of an interest in fantasy baseball.Football-Vs-Baseball

If you ask me though, I actually think fantasy baseball is more essential in my life than fantasy football.

Let me be very clear and get this out of the way up front: I absolutely LOVE fantasy football. Come football season, whatever readers I still have will certainly see this. There’s nothing like a fall Sunday, sitting in front of your television, having your laptop or tablet set up to your fantasy match-up for the week, where you do nothing but watch RedZone and cheer on your guys. That’s life right there.

So what do I mean? Very simple: I am more compelled to watch an NFL game than an MLB game, generally speaking.

Let’s think about this:

The NFL regular season runs through the Fall and early Winter months, whereas the MLB regular season runs from Spring throughout the Summer and into the early Fall. Which months are you, again generally speaking, more likely to be home watching television?

The NFL features a 16-game schedule whereas the MLB features a 162-game schedule. Even the most die-hard baseball  fans do not watch every one of their team’s games. It’s simply too much time.

To the casual viewer, football is more exciting than baseball. There is more action, more contact, more big plays. Baseball is a slower game. It is not as engaging as football.

All of these points may make you think that I am arguing against my original point. But I’m not. What I am saying is that the NFL season alone engages me as a viewer and as a fan. I could watch any two teams on any Sunday afternoon and be thoroughly entertained for 3+ hours. That’s not the case with the MLB. I bet you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who would enjoy sitting inside on a nice, Saturday afternoon in mid-July, watching an MLB game between two teams who they are not of a fan of. I know I wouldn’t enjoy that. In order to increase my interest in an MLB game, I need to have a horse in the race. I need to have that starting pitcher, or cleanup hitter, or closer. I need something to root for and watch for.

So, is fantasy baseball better than fantasy football? I’m not saying that. What I am saying is that I need fantasy baseball in my life more than fantasy football.

Let me know what your thoughts are below!


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